Monday, November 5, 2012

Every prayer is answered, if not in our way--the Lord's!

How was your week? Did you just have a great Halloween? They don't celebrate Halloween here, but a couple days later they have a "day of the dead" were everyone goes to the cemetery to pay tribute to those that have passed on. Fittingly enough our Sunday school lesson was on family history and temple work! How grateful I am for those that have gone before me.
So this week Heavenly Father really responded to two of our prayers. One was last weekend we had contacted a reference we had received from an investigator. She was really receptive of us, but we weren't so sure that she would be very receptive of our message because she seemed pretty firm in her own religion. But all week we prayed for her heart to be softened and prepared to receive our message of the Restoration of the Gospel, even though I didn't expect her to be very receptive. When we returned, she had read through the pamphlet to the part about Joseph Smith and before we started to teach her she told us that she felt a lot like Joseph Smith, confused about what church was true! Well what do you know, the Lord prepared her.
Another prayer answered. This week I made a goal with Sister T to get all of our contacts in and reach the mission goal, something that she said she had never accomplished on the mission (and I myself had gotten a little slack on it). So I challenged her to get all our street contacts perfectly for the last 3 weeks of her mission--a lofty goal! Well we prayed for the Lord's help, and boy did he help us. At first we were really frustrated because it seemed that many of our appointments were falling through and we didn't have too many back up plans so we ended up knocking on MANY doors. Then we remembered our goal and our prayers. By the time the end of the week rolled around, we were close to our goal, but because of how the day panned out I didn't think we would reach it. But instead of getting a ride to our last appointment yesterday night, we decided to walk and try and talk to a few more souls.  I know that when we make righteous goals and plans, and ask for the Lord's help, and then do our part, He steps in and does the rest.
Other great news, I and C were confirmed members this week! Woo! Now they have the Holy Ghost, a truly prized gift.  Make sure you included Heavenly Father in your daily life and pray for the specific blessings you've received and hope to receive!

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