Monday, November 19, 2012

Well hello hellow!
As always, what a week! I must say that Sister T is going out with a bang...if I have anything to do with it. We managed our contact goal for the last 3 weeks of her mission and it's been great. One of our investigators is throwing her a surprise party tonight...shhh don't tell :) 
The biggest news of the week was the opportunity that we had to arrange a trip for the recent converts to go to the temple to do baptisms and President let us go too! Oh how wonderful it was! -quite the group! A just ate it all up, she wants to go back every week! She was so happy and so was I :) Oh what joy it is to see the progress of those you helped come to know the restored gospel--she's on the way to eternal life and she's staying strong! She's bringing others up with her.  What a special, sweet experience to be there with her for the first time. I love that girl so much. Everyone had a great time--A was especially thrilled and said that she felt a surety that those she was baptized in behalf of accepted. V described his feelings and great, warm, spiritual. A was so happy to be back there after all those years after his mission. He even wore the U of U tie :) All of it was priceless. Oh how wonderful! I couldn't have been happier. We watched the sunset reflect on the temple, there was so many parrots in the palm trees and on the temple, at night it was just magical. A day to never forget. One of the strongest times I've felt the Spirit in my whole life. What a merciful loving Heavenly Father we have, that He would provide a way for ALL of His children to make it back to His presence. And we can have a part in that! Afterwards the whole ward went to Habib's and Bishop rented out a party room for all of us.
Let's see, we've been working hard this week. We have two investigators REALLY close to baptism, but they are both scared for some reason even though they love the church and believe it's true...we're hoping that they will be able to exchange that fear for faith and take that step. 
As for funny stories of the week. Last monday was just not my day. We went all around São Paulo and then all our appointments fell through. We were asked to bring something to the district meeting so we decided to make bread and cake when we got home. Well we put the cake in the oven first and then made the bread, and then when it came time to take out the cake, we discovered that our propane tank had ran out--ah! So we put it all in the fridge, but I really wanted cake for breakfast. So in the morning, i took the cake out of the fridge and then put it in a tupperware and put it in the your likely surprise, it turned out! And we took the bread to the church and baked it there...yum. 

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