Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tasha's Visa Arrived!!!

Hi Everyone:
We have some exciting news. Tasha called on Wednesday to let us know that she had received her visa....Yippee!! She will be flying out on Tuesday and arriving at the MTC in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Wednesday morning. She is so excited. There were quite a group that received their visas this week including her companion so there will be 7 of them traveling together for which we are grateful. It was so great to hear the sound of her voice and know that she is doing well. She could only talk for 5 minutes and it is amazing how quickly 5 minutes passes.
For those of you wanting to send her letters, please note the new address in Brazil.

Sister Tasha Anne Bierman
Box#28, Dist 37-A Brazil MTC
Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission
Rua Padre Antonio D'Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, Sao Paulo, SP
Brazil    02516-040

This is the MTC address and she should be there for a couple of weeks. I believe that it takes about a week for a letter to reach her so write her right away and she will get it while she is in the MTC.  Please do not send any packages to the Brazil MTC because  she will not be there long enough to receive them.  I will post the mission home address shortly and you are welcome to send packages there.  It is my understanding that they take about 4 - 8 weeks to arrive.   She loves to get letters and feels bad that she doesn't always have the time to respond back to everyone. Thank you all for your support for her.

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