Monday, October 10, 2011

Eu tenho muito FRIO!!!!

How are you enjoying WINTER? That is exactly how I feel here, it is so cold! I wish I would have brought some of my scarfs or something lol. But then the rooms are warm, so that's not bad. But the heater in our room doesn't work, so it's cold at night. My alarm clock says it's 68 degrees, but it feels so much colder than that. It's really strange to be experiencing cold when it was so NOT planned on lol.. But I must say that, ok I know it's crazy, but I'm loving the scenery here in Provo. The mountains are breathtaking with half snow and half fall colors, especially Mt. Timp, and overlooking Utah lake is simply amazing! This morning it was really neat to see the sunrise hit Mt. Timp and the Mtns behind the temple were covered in snow and reflecting pink. Add that and the gentle glow of the temple and it was simply breathtaking! And then to turn around and see Utah lake and the pink and purple clouds over it. Love. Just love.

I came across a better theme scripture for my mission this week. It's one that I've leaned on for strength before, but really struck me this week. Check out 2 Timothy 1:7-8. For God has not given me the spirit of fear, but of LOVE, and PEACE, and a SOUND MIND. I am not ashamed of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I WILL be bold and INVITE others to come to Him and PARTAKE of His REDEEMING LOVE by repenting and changing and coming into the fold of GOD. This is something that I get a little nervous about because I have never been one to push something on others, or try to pursuade them that I know the right way, or infringe upon their personal decisions. I cannot simply be comfortable with teaching others about Jesus Christ in His gospel and NOT invite them to come and partake of the wonderful fruit! This week's theme seems to be HAVING FAITH TO INVITE OTHERS TO BE BAPTIZED. Why is it so important to not only share the message, but to invite them to be BAPTIZED? Because inviting them to be baptized is how we committ them to CHANGE and have something for them to work toward, it's a goal and a process, and a demonstration of our willingness to follow Jesus Christ. This is hard for me because I feel like I need to teach others EVERYTHING there is to know about the Gospel, when I don't even know that. I need to stop thinking that people must have a perfect knowledge of everything before I can ask them to change, because it is only by FAITH that miracles are wrought and who am I to know the intent of God and the workings of the Spirit in others hearts. I need to take a leap of FAITH to help them take a leap of FAITH and COME UNTO CHRIST. The Savior was not shy or timid about INVITING others to come unto Him, but he invited ALL to come partake of His redeeming love. He taught with boldness and let people choose to accept Him for themselves. My goal is to follow the example of the Savior and NOT HESITATE to invite others to come unto Him through baptism. The Savior invites ALL to come unto Christ--as His representative--SO DO I!

I encourage all of you strive to be more active in INVITING others to come unto Christ. Their salvation is on the line. Help them partaked of His redeeming love, and peace, and joy, and LIFE. You can do it, just SHARE His love! We may not be able to understand all that others go through or why, but the Savior does. Because He has been there. He understands, "He only one." In our own Gesthemane's, WE ARE NOT ALONE. What a blessing this is in our lives, to know that we ALWAYS have someone to turn to! I am so grateful for His willingness to obey the Father and sacrifice Himself for us to be free and healed and cleansed.

I love you so much. All of you back at home are such a huge inspiration to me. Our family picture is the bookmark for my Book of Mormon and it reminds me why I am here and why I need to share what I have with the world. Thank you for all your prayers and support, I need it and feel it. I pray for you.

Te amo,
Sister Bierman

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