Monday, February 4, 2013

Do you wanna marry me?

Wahoo! Always an adventure here on the mission! In the last week, we've been to the aquarium, to São Paulo (brrrr!), and all over our area. We fasted as a district this week to have miracle in the last few weeks of the transfer. One of which was investigators at church....well the Lord has blessed us again! We planned on quite a few, but only two of the planned went, but we ended up with 7 in total! Wow, members are great! Bring your friends to church! :)
Other great news...our investigators are engaged! (oh and my best friend, shout out to Emilee :) parabéns!) So we are teaching the cutest couple. We went and taught them  about the importance of families and invited her to talk to J about getting married. In the meantime we discovered where the cartorio (where you get married) is and had to walk over an hour to the area of the zone leaders just to get the information on what we needed to do.  Well we came back a couple days later and she hadn't talked to him yet, but she wanted us to talk to him. They've been together about 6 years and have the most adorable little girl. So we taught again about families and God's commandments and invited them to pray together. And then we invited them to get married, and he said, "What, you mean in the cartorio?" "Yeah." "Well I don't even know if she wants to marry me..." he responded. "Well you have to ask her," I said. So he looked over at her: "Tu quer casar comigo?" (You wanna marry me?) "Claro!" (Of course!) She said and they both looked at each other all shy and then smiled at us. Oh my goodness, it was the cutest thing ever! So here we are...the wedding planners :)

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