Monday, February 25, 2013

We're preparing the TERRENA!!!

So this week we had a special 2 day sister's training in São Paulo, that was MARAVILHOSA! Really! Complete with a general authority, Elder Soares and everything. Well president started off with the scripture D&C 88:73 :"Behold, I will ahasten my work in its time."
Well the Lord sure is hastening His work here...with the new mission SANTOS!!! Well do I sure feel privileged to be a part of this special time. We are working hard here in Santos and I know that this is exactly what it needs to really fortify the Kingdom of God here. Wow. Amazing! All the sisters must prepare to be trainers, because most of them will need to be. So we had this two day conference, preparing everyone for these new changes! Wow, how I wished I could have had this conference at the beginning of my mission. Most of us "older" sisters were asked to give special trainings. I was super nervous, but with Sister M's help all went well. It really is something special.
Other news of the week....R was baptized! And what a sweet spirit she is! She's a super strong young women, there's nothing better than a 15 year old with a testimony. And it's amazing to see how the ward has just brought her in under her wings. A shout out to all you young women leaders (especially those that I had, including you, Mom :) THANKS! Keep leading and guiding us! They are the future!
Keep serving, keep growing, keep striving to be better...there's nothing more important than the Lord's work!

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