Monday, January 14, 2013

Faith is ACTION

So what happened this week, it poured rain, and more rain, and more rain--what a blessing from Heavenly Father, because we've only had two sunny days and I'm already super dark and blonde! Yesterday we were talking to a couple and the man asked me a question, he said "now you can be honest, there aren't any "gringos" here, just brazillians. You talk funny, but you're brazilian."  He thought that I was brazillian and was surprise when we said I was American. How about that? I'm brazillian, gente. It's official.
Sister M and I try to convince people all the time that she's from New York (she actually speaks english really well) and that I'm from her city. Everyone believes her, but only one person has believed me until now because M has a very strong accent, but Sister Melo doesn't have can I learn it if she doesn't speak it? It's quite the joke. I'm so blessed to have Sister M as a companion, we're already best of friends and that makes it so great to interact with everyone else. Lots of stories and jokes and laughs. 
We've started teaching a great couple, C and B, that are really great! They came to church yesterday with their two little girls and they seem to be very interested, especially C. He really is searching for truth. He said he had the opportunity to get baptized in 3 other churches, but hasn't found the right one yet...I know that the Lord has lead us there. It was the elders that had taught him the first time a few months ago, but never again. They were impressed by our organization that we were coming to continue teaching him.

We've discovered that Satan works in all sorts of ways to try and stop this work, but he can't! Our first week here we were walking in the road and all of the sudden, a girl jumped out in front of us and started talking to us. She put out her hand in front of me and I thought "Oh no, we're being robbed." I didn't dare look down to see if she had a gun, until my companion said, shake her hand. Ha ha oh ok. Well she started complimenting everything about me...eyes, skirt, etc. and putting sacks of things in our hands. Turns out she was trying to sell little goody baggies for $6 (or 3 for $15)--way expensive! And we talked with her for a bit and invited her to church and went on our way... Well we were in such a shock from the experience that we became very timid to talk to people in the road...and for some reason it seems like we are walking on eggshells here, we have to be careful of everything that we say. Well we walked around like that for a few days. As you can guess, not much happened. And you know when you haven't done something for a while it's that much harder to do it again the next time.  Well that's how we felt. But we discovered that that was just the enemy's way of trying to frustrate this work, because both President T and I receive revelation that Sister M and I were to be together in this area at this time. Com certeza for a reason, so we can't let anything get in between us and that purpose. We have people to find, souls to save (or help), and lives to change. So we finally overcame our shyness and miracles await! 
I know that this is the Lord's work. I know that everything happens for a reason. I know that all things are possible through faith, and that our faith is measured by our ACTIONS. May you all find the faith and courage to ACT this week on inspired promptings to do good. You can and will be an instrument in the Lord's hand, just remember to ASK WITH FAITH and ACT!
Love you all!

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