Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Midnight Musings

A month or so ago, as I was lying in my bed looking at my glow in the dark stars, a poem began to form in my mind. A welcome release it was, putting my emotions to words. Don't make fun, I'm still an amateur.
Lost and confused--
Torn from a life
I once knew.

Of my heart are strewn
Tattered remnants
Waiting to be renewed.

There is yet a little left--
A constant light to guide
To places I could never guess.

A life to live must live on.

As a biology major, I was quite surprised to have this pop out of my head so easily. What a pleasant surprise it was. Lately I've been feeling frustrated with my brain though. Confusion has settled these past few days. I think it's the return of the Mono...ah the dreaded disease. Perhaps someday I won't feel its tired effects on my poor body. Until then, hope...there is yet a little left.

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